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February 2019

January 2019
Remembring Fungus. Dizzy at Village Gate. Trans-Siberian. Benevolence. Scene from the Life of Jesus. Revelation. Dream & Variations. Public Collections. I'd Rather Be a Masochist.
Quantum Leaping. Mozart, Matisse, Blanche et Moi. Trumpeting begins. (For a Song). To blow or not to blow. Categories. How it happened. Celebrity glooning. My article in the Guardian.
The secret is out. Prepare for shock and awe tomorrow.

December 2018
To J.S. Bach abstract painting finished. Glitter. Mood-altering recipe. Latest self-portrait. Brilliant launch. Season's greetings.

November 2018
Not thinking. New abstract progress. Back-tracking. Interval.

October 2018
Not ten o'clock news. Egypt-inspired art. More past Egypt art. Abstract thinking. Rediscovery: Entrance to the Temple.

September 2018
Spider requiem. Street-partying. Celebrating finished Christine Keeler exhibition pieces. Living room.

August 2018
Pre-birthday alert. Birthday facts.

July 2018
Fionn Wilson portrait done. Panic in vain.  Gently amused by leaves. Don & Vlad in Helsinki. Back to the past.

June 2018
Friends get hitched. Selfie time again. Painting Fionn .

May 2018
Three earlier painted selfies. Photo-self  VS painted self. Pleasures of being Aunt. Serendipitous connections. Nick Wadley. Fionn Wilson , Outrage. Old but new.Telepathistic.

April  2018
Timespace. Cosmic Sadness of Teen-age Girl boxwork finished. Shani Rhys James exhbition. Blogiversary, looking back. Painted selfie.

March 2018
Snow. Teeth. R.I.P. Ken Dodd. Cure found for common cold. Onion tears. Easter etc. thoughts.

February 2018
Szirtes Gym Poets gig in Norwich. Angel Disguised as Paper Doll Explaining the Artist's Work. Boxwork background. Let's face the music.

January 2018
Renewed sofa. Szirtes Poets at the gym illustrated. Self-promotion.  Hermitage. Recognition.

December 2017
Renovating. Face lift. Holmes & unbearable lightness of sawdust. Watched? Season's Greetings. Paradise renewed. Sofa so good.

November 2017
Begin the begin. Nick Wadley R.I.P. Performing with Nina Miranda. Musical throwback (my recordings on picosong).

October 2017
Mind that gap. Word association. Mindchatter. Jowls. Rome return.

September 2017
Van Gogh speaks on Facebook. Mystery of discipline. Real nose job. Dog's day.

August 2017
More autobio. Birthday. Handshake. Teju Cole, Blind Spot. Facebook.

July 2017
Stolen flowers. Internet crash. Hello. Ins and Outs. More poets at City Pride Pub. Phoenicia poets at Torriano. Past life and plant life. Back to front. Heart brake. Autobio update.

June 2017
Poets galore glittering at the British Library. Heat. When complaining is a matter of life or death: Grenfell Tower tragedy. Things I think about in the shower. Statistics on good and evil. Artist trapped in white cube. NdA in British Library. Is this a poem? Real facts VS fake 'facts'.Tables turned. Sleepless Election night.Crucial question .Save Spring now! Cambridge debate.

May 2017
Corbyn and May face Paxman. Comin' through the rye. DIY report. Hat trick. Tavira return.

April 2017
Walls I have known (my murals). Resurrection. Cat mindfulness. Howard Hodgkin at National Portrait Gallery.

March 2017
Works in progress. I heart the NHS. Happy ending. Maxima culpa. New NdA catalogue.

February 2017
Uked. Update on Ukulele story. Historical bumps (Trump). Celebrating Gerardo Guerrieri. Must you? Some autobio photos.

January 2017
Small voices, big sounds (Gina Miller). Inauguration (Trump). Wildness and Ukitude. Time's winged mosquito. The Silence (film). Lost fan opportunities. (John Berger, George Sanders).

December 2016
Season's greetings. Walnutty. Shouldism season.Online catalogue of past bookworks & boxworks.Selfie survey.

November 2016
More French. Leo Ferre. My translation Comme a Ostende. Translating Amsterdam - Jacques Brel. To Brel or not to Brel: Camille O'Sullivan. Hold the front page: the Queen fantasy. I buy a ukulele. Someday she'll come along: who will win post-Trump election in 4 years. The play's the thing: why? U.S. election - condolences to America. Hot off the press. Cold and privileged.

October 2016
Is the internet your parent? Odetta memoir. Memory the wind didn't blow away: Bob Dylan, Harold Bradley, Rome mid-sixties. Election-schmelection: Trump/Clinton debate.

September 2016
Unorthodox relatives. Rulers .Pableau No.4 in progress. Reflection (Pableau No.3). Pableau No.1 alteration finished. Song for September (recording September Song). Uplift: my poster for Bicycle Thieves is up in Kentish Town.

August 2016
Heat wave. A perfect day:with George Szirtes and Clarissa Upchurch. Experiments to test reality. Another birthday.

July 2016
Now for something different (recordings, Natalie sings). Turning strangers into friends. Winning Kentish Town cinema poster competition. Pableau No.1. A worm's eye-view. Chilcot Report not chilling enough.

June 2016
Betrayals. Huge Brexit protest outside Parliament. Remain on this planet. The horror. Listen to the young. Curiously ignored incident. Cat-ologue.

May 2016
NdA Exhibition at bookartbookshop.

April 2016
Things to come. Post scriptum. Post post scriptum. Remembering Gerardo Guerrieri. Blogday:13 years. Long and rambling (about Matera and Gerardo Guerrieri).

March 2016
Where to next? Easter.

February 2016
More random poems. Dream logic. The Angst of commenting.

January 2016
Late start. Canary Yellow Scarf poem. The Lesson video published on Gnarled Oak. Struck by random rhyming virus. A poetic experiment in milking randomness.

December 2015
Night and day thoughts.

November 2015
Past present. Storyline exhibition in Cardiff. Catching up: return to Tavira.

October 2015
More old sketches. Ne Me Quitte Pas, Jacques Brel. Fast faces. Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy.

September 2015
And still more. More old mistress drawings. Time passed...time past.

August 2015
Home from holiday (Vezelay).

July 2015
Terminations. Ownership. Trans-Siberian book: the movie. Rehearsing and launching the Trans-Siberian.

June 2015
Overdoing and distractions and translations.

May 2015
Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern and the original of La Prose du TransSiberien et de la Petite Jehane de France.

April 2015
Twelfth year blogday and the hard problem. Salon du Livre, Paris. Visit from Lucy and Tom Kempton.

March 2015
Lucky me in Lucy scarf. Paulo Freire. My replies to Around the World Blog Hop.

February 2015
Critical moments revisited (Guardian Witness publishes my comic strip online). Enthousiasmus.

January 2015
Great new connection. Announcement:Trans-Siberian published. Resolutions.

December 2014
It's the season. Trans-Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from France is on the table!

November 2014
Rembrandt: the Late Works. Anselm Kiefer at the Royal Academy.

October 2014
Advance notice of publication: Trans-Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from France:the signing. Pressing matters.

September 2014
September again already. Malevich exhibition. Portrait of Sylvia Libedinsky..

August 2014
Rest in peace ma petite Blanche. Hearing things. Something to smile about.

July 2014
What if....Hot weather trivia. Is there a solution(Palestine/Israel? All done! (blocks for Trans-Siberian book).

June 2014
Almost there.

May 2014
Work progresses but...

April 2014
Matisse, Gwynt and lesser matters.Palm Sunday, faith and belief. Making up for lost blog time.

March 2014
Things are looking up.

February 2014
Like Buses. Footnote. All you need is love and a hammer (2008 video). Back to base cautiously.

December 2013
It's that time of year. Fame in Kentish Town. Infrequent blogger's guilt.

November 2013
A small exhibition at Cafe Rustique. Noise noise. Discomfort zone. Creative aging in Deauville. Amazing Women's Global Forum.

October 2013
Off to Women's Forum in Deauville. Still creative even if aging. Invited to speak at  Women's Forum.

September 2013
SHOWING OFF - Part Five. Part Four. Part Three. Part Two. Part One. Less Opinions, more work

August 2013
Midnight at Atelier NdA. Everything must change (Nina Simone). Alternative universalists. Born...again (my birthday). Self-exposure.

July 2013
Raison d'être. Too hot. Yes, maybe (blog paralysis).

June 2013
Work and play: visit to Old Stile Press for Trans-Siberian Prosody book progress. Happy School, donated paintings to Eleanor Palmer school. Taking a break.

May 2013
Short commercial break. A continuing story. A cold is not a cold. To autobiograph or not to autobiograph?

April 2013
Blaugustine is 10 years old. OPEN BOOKs exhibition at Bay Art, Cardiff and the'Buitterffly Effect. The Lesson.

March 2013
For a Good Friday: Bone Crucifixion assemblage. New project in preparation:illustrating Blaise Cendrars'
Trans-Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from Francetranslated by Dick Jones, to be published by The Old Stile Press. More constructions and mini-assemblages.

February 2013
Museum assemblage. Assembling. Egypt Box. Not a Valentine. Creators in their Ruined Temple construction. Good habits, bad habits. Another apple painting in progress.

January 2013
Snow the artist. Happy New Year. New comments system.

December 2012
Seasonal Greeting. Souperior alphabets. New Blaugustine header. Testing new headers. The kindness and talent of strangers. Meeting Phil Cooper. Hampden Community Centre mural R.I.P. Back to the wall (my muralist career).

November 2012
Testing new designs for Blaugustine. NdA at Comiket Fair. Congratulations America:Obama re-elected. Not the winner, not the loser: Hindsight doesn't win the graphic story competition. Lost, and found again:Rennie Walker's portrait.

October 2012
La Vie en Rosé is now a real book. Fame in Kentish Town. Reworked Wales sketches. The show is over (National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth), the show goes on. A gift from anonymous relative. Further Welshness.

September 2012
More Welsh wonders. Wonderful Wales. Unexplained angelic activity. Not sailing but signing - Teju Cole in London.

August 2012
Homage to Blanche. Nearly born again.

July 2012
Bells werte ringing. New web pages for My Life Unfolds. Sorry Munch. Earlier accordion book:Therefore I Am (video). Unfolded in Aberystwyth: exhibition opens at National Library of Wales.

June 2012
Off to the exhibition (in Aberystwyth). Oops...but all is well. My life can now be in your hands (Blurb book printed of My Life Unfolds). Fragments of a Life, number one.

May 2012
Fragments. The final panels. Accordion deadline looming. If it looks like Florence that's because it is.

April 2012
Latest accordion images. Nine years of Blaugustine. Wrong time for tech problems. Title page accordion. Finished Side One, no help from Pushkin. Working method. A few more new panels.

March 2012
The accordion continues expanding. More panels. Life and art unfolding (accordion book project for Open Books, National Library of Wales exhibition).

February 2012
A lost day, a new project and the physiology of angels. The strange beauty of snowlight. My digital self-portraits on qarrtsiluni.

January 2012
David Hockney: does size matter? Resolutions and a video:Autography. Thank you Whiskey River for a quotation. How to start the New Year right (YouTube video of Flamenco-dancing rhinoceros).

November-December 2011
Eternal return - my Russian ancestors (video). A moving poem (video). And on the seventh day: two versions of animation NOT A Celebrity. New Art movement born:7ism

October 2011
God vs Mammon: the fight continues. Aggravated and animated, NOT a celebrity (video). Revisited paintings. Visitors and a puppet self.

September 2011
Can it really be the end of the month? Born from scarves. Extraordinary ordinary. Video: Trafalgar Square. Trip to Salisbury,sculptures at Salisbury Cathedral.

August 2011
Rain and Rembrandt. Scarfed (about scarves). Chapelle Lafitte imagined. Too many words. My birthday and past self-portraits. Ghosts: Hypnagogia video.

July 2011
Abstract versus Figurative - is that the question? Heavy-weight champ Lucian Freud R.I.P. Final episode of La Vie en Rosé (rest of illustrations still to come). Real chairs, unreal chairs. Abstracting. Next-to-last episode of La Vie en Rosé. Beckenham Library, my presentation on self-publishing. I have a new camera.

June 2011
Episode Nineteen of La Vie en Rosé. Surfacing. Apologies for absence without leave.

May 2011
Discovering Alberta Hunter. Episode Eighteen of La Vie en Rosé. Our Dave in London. Not cat blogging.

April 2011
Alternative Royal Wedding. Blaugustine celebrates eight years of blogging. Old Stile Press publishes NdA's Scenes from the Life of Jesus drawings. One thing leads to another thing. Augustine & Inertia posted on comics site in Germany. Jung thoughts from a wise old man. Episode Seventeen of La Vie en Rosé.

March 2011
Are you being zapped? Microwave radiation. One track longing. Episode Sixteen La Vie en Rosé. Nuclear is never safe. The earth quakes, we tremble - Japan earthquake/tsunami. Episode Fifteen of La Vie en Rosé. Keeping the channel open.

February 2011
Hatshepsut rides again. Episodes Thirteen and Fourteen of La Vie en Rosé. Platonic Valentine. Poor Valentinus. La Vie en Rosé Episode Twelve. Anyone for singing?

January 2011
Apples again. The silence of creation. Prague.

December 2010
Seasonal image. It's that time of year (late again!). Orhan Pamuk's SNOW.

November 2010
Mysterious dream connections. More about my father: Part 4. Part 3. Part 2. Part 1.

October 2010
Pursued by apples. Building blocks. I think it's finished (the painting Frames of Reference, formerly DNA). A day in the life. Gauguin at Tate Modern.

September 2010
Father and child picture. Not the Tony Blair interview shown on the BBC on September 1 (video). Recent portraits. Guilt pursued.

August 2010
Guilt. Prism painting in slow progress. Fishing for birthday wishes. Latest state of DNA (Frames of Reference )painting and pre-birthday requests.

July 2010
Lucian Freud et moi at the Pompidou. Hot Paris and a cool Russian. An alternative World Cup. DNA, State 4.

June 2010
DNA painting, State 3. Kinds of genius. Chaos turning into DNA. Upstairs and the unbearable necessity of chaos. Ten random questions about love.

May 2010
There is a season to update the upkeep. Words and pictures. Portrait of Jehane Markham. Post-election blues. Julia Kay's Portrait Party. Electioneering, my cartoon: Who will jump off the merry-go-round?

April 2010
Blogday April 27, Blaugustine is seven years old. Signs and wonders. EYJAFJALLAJOKULL, the ash cloud. Easter, Life of Jesus drawings resurrected. Good Friday thanks to dear departed.

March 2010
Coming back is not so easy. Home sweet home. Van Gogh exhibition.

February 2010
Tavira blog posts which were first entered in my mirror-blog here.

January 2010
Tavira here we come. Another extraordinary cyber miracle. My sugar-coated street. A beautiful blank slate. 25 January to 3 March was spent in Tavira, Portugal as artist in residence at Casa 5.

December 2009
Happy New Year image. Serendipity and lost portrait. Seasonal Greetings ('Family' painting). Tavira sequel (Casa 5 residency). Not the Turner Prize. Post-Tavira report. Back from Beautiful Tavira (video).

November 2009
On the move. Picturepoems: Mole-hill Moon.Necessity. Not one-track minded. Not the winner of the Observer-Cape Graphic Story Competition.The D.O.B. Question  cartoon strip.

October 2009
Women in Comics Conference, Cambridge. Not bad nomad.

September 2009
Technical report.

August 2009
Don't mind the gap. Birthday book.

June 2009
La Vie en Rosé has been moved to its own section here
La Vie en Rosé, Part 3. Vie en Rosé, Part 2 . Coming soon: Pin-ups continued. CONSEQUENCES 6 (Part 1, La Vie en Rosé). A Futurist-ish day. Elaborated loodling. More Lucid Doodling. Where do images come from?

May 2009
Bookworks update. Ultimate-Intimate journal, last extract. Extract 5. Extract 4. Tagged, memed and awarded the Kreative Blogger Award. Ulti-Intimate extract 3. Ultimate Intimate journal, extract 2. The Ultimate and the Intimate.

April 2009
Blaugustine's sixth birthday. Wholly holy reflections. Donald Pass's paintings.

March 2009
G20 summit: money mountain/money-pit. Imagine a dancing army (movie). Provocative faces. Tigers of Infinity. Recycled fashion: St.Christopher's school fashion show. Nearly there (self-portrait finished).

February 2009
I've got eyes. Closer to trapping self. The elusive self. On watching the snow fall (movie).

January 2009
Painting the self. Welcome Obama. Out of the box and into the frying pan. When will we ever learn? Wanted: world-changing ideas.

December 2008
Motto for 2209 (Goethe quote). End of year greetings. Shoe with soul (the shoe-thrower of Baghdad). Off the wall. Ghost reconstructed.

November 2008
Ghost in the underwear. Experiments with sound-waves of words, emotions (movies). Emotion, erosion, repetition (movies). Ethical fashion. Entered Guardian Ravenhill competition. In praise of people power. Obama Obama Obama!

October 2008
Illustration, inspiration and children at British Library. Bringing home the Bacon. Life without lying. Computer co-dependence syndrome.

September 2008
Final post-op report. Fresh from the front (after the operation).The Lesson. The slash (parotid gland surgery). Late rocker flips (International Rock Flipping Day). Strunjan, Slovenia, the movie.

August 2008
Blanche remembered (19 August). Holiday in Slovenia. Birthdays, me and Emil (Nolde).

July 2008
Time, ladies and gentlemen, time. Wyndham Lewis portraits, rectangles, juxtapositions. Alex d'Arbeloff fare thee well (my cousin Alex dies July 8). New auto bio installments.

June 2008
Age Shall Not Wither Her (Guardian article). Guardian prizewinner finishes work. Guardian prizewinner goes to work. Saturday's No Bar Code festival at Camden market. More installments of The Burial of Mickey Mouse (all are moved to the autobiography section).

May 2008
No Bar Codes comics fest at Camden market. Don't cry for me just yet.The Burial of Mickey Mouse: Parts 21 & 22. Is it just me or...Shoe fetishists look away now. A short film about billowing.

April 2008
Blaugustine five years old on April 27. Parents. Mother's legacy (Blanche's paintings slideshow). Rome movie. Home from Rome.

March 2008
Some roads lead to Rome. Resurrection. Good Friday. Mind the gap. An alphabetic soundscape (movie). Stills from Altered Reality (movie). A poem to go with the seaside saga (audio clip). More of the Day at the Seaside. A day at the seaside but not what you expect (movie). A movie for Indy's birthday (Altered Reality).

February 2008
The earth moved and I thought it was me. Dreams come true or false? Procrastignating. Reviews. My talk at Torriano Meeting House for the Hampstead Authors' Society (The Writer as Publisher). How to get rid of your demons after you've drawn them (movie). A speeded-up drawing experiment (movie).

January 2008
Date set for my 'editorship' of Guardian Women. My review of RA From Russia exhibition. Have you met your demons? Try this at home: experiment in multi-dimensionality. My movie:Trapped in Multiple Personalities. The universe behaving in mysterious ways: a painting of mine found in N.Y.garbage.

December 2007
Short movie to end the year. I have a new camcorder. If you're still here, go there. Festive tree. Good will will be good for us this season. Seasonal sales pitch. Brilliant Coroners publication. A little movie about apples and chairs. Attention: boys at work (collagraphs by Whitgift School pupils). Anyone for art? Planning an online art workshop in 2008. John Bently's gig in Brixton.

November 2007
Sonata for Apples&Chairs and a trip to mindfulness. Proof of winning (the Guardian Mary Stott Prize). Louise Bourgeois et moi. The struggle continues with the apple painting. Babe in Bargain Boots. And the winner! At the Guardian 50 years celebration party. A riddle (before and after the party). Doodling at the ICA Comica Festival. Apples multiplying. Short update on medical matters.

October 2007
How to lure the mystery back. How to lose the mystery. Waiting for the light. Via Negativa reviews The God Interviews. qarrtsiluni includes Cosmic Clocks. The apples painting continues. Back to the easel, starting to paint again. Lost and found in New York. Blaug meet Dodd (Ken Dodd in the cafe at the National Portrait Gallery).

September 2007
Saved by a limp. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Scanned. Back home. This is not a movie. Is rock-flippin' the new rock&roll?

August 2007
Back to Lalalalala. Apologies for absence past and imminent. Medical report, Antony Gormley. Computer screen radiation. The birthday (August 7th). A wedding. Reminiscence of lateness.

July 2007
To post or not to post, that is the question. OUT OF THE BOX goes live. Outside the Box box. Catching up. My Apple performance at Apple Centre, Regent Street. Am I turning into my mummy? What is identity? qarrtsiluni reprints Lost Treasure.

June 2007
Everybody's talkin' 'bout The God Interviews. Goddbye Mircea, my friend. Serendopterus Ironicuson Stefan Bucher's site. Impromptu Malagueña. We are an Apple Mac Event.

May 2007
Eureka problem and solution. Nathan's dream. Before and after Bristol International Comics Expo.  How to de-clutterseries completed

April 1 - 27 2007
New blog layout! 4th Year BlogDay. HOW TO DE-CLUTTER. Real Live Preacher features The God Interviews slideshow. Changes in the offing. Book launch report, finally. Camden Journal reviews The God Interviews. Good Friday mystery. Blog fatigue.

March 2007
Image thieves at large: beware! Come and see the slide show. COMIX THING report. Shaggy Blog Stories published. God launches in April at the Cartoon Museum. Very good plus slightly bad news. Visit to Bath for Graphic Novel Event. Meeting with Ernesto Priego. Me & Bryan Ferry in The Way You Look Tonight. Another audio from me:Cucurrucucu Paloma. Old Stile Press posts visuals of my Book of Revelation interpretation.

February 2007
Autobio continues after this message (Les Feuilles Mortes, my cover). Power-cut satori. Blackout. Search engines please note. Another plug. Giving thanks. A famous delusion: Augustine & God in conversation about Richard Dawkins.

January 2007
Great expectations. What are the words that rule your thoughts? Five things you may not know about me. Late night business conference between Augustine and God. Dollars and Non-Sense. Am I boring you? Update on book ordering. It's here: THE BOOK has arrived (The God Interviews). Book-production notes. January sale.The God Interviewsis published!

December 2006
Animated New Year to all. Where is everybody? Seasonal cheer and duty. Cover of The God Interviews. Ab fab: Old Stile Press posts images from Dream and Variations. Video thanks to you all. Does my ego look big in this? Celebration time nearly here.

November 2006
Teaching. First time effect: onqarrtsiluni. Hot news: advance notice, Augustine on BBC1, Imagine, December 5th. Autobio starts up again. There'll be champagne clinking in America tonight. Not the sound of music.

October 2006
Another day's humdrum report (the Mac Expo at Olympia). Hum Drumming. We are RSSed. Blogging less ofen for a good cause.

September 2006
A big Draw and Gerald Scarfe again. Bloggers on and off stage. Meeting Dick Jones, Patteran Pages. Meeting Linsey Daily Straying. Interlude. Proof that it happened: my BBC interview. Augustine's BBC TV initiation for the Imagineprogramme. Today the Beeb, tomorrow the world. Gathering of bloggers chez moi.

August 2006
Getting there slowly and surely. God interviews book layout. Beth Adams' book Going to Heaven. Dem Stimson's book Petunia Petalbum and the Quest for Knowledge.  qarrtsiluni posts my Silent Movie image. De-procrastination report. Rembering Blanche and J'Ai Deux Amours (Josephine Baker). Procrastination. Must see this (links re life in Beirut, Baghdad, Gaza, Israel). Two other images on qarrtsiluni. Sand sculpture festival in Brighton. Birthday proof of immortality and wisdom. Midnight birthday. Act now (carnage in Lebanon).

July 2006
Sunday morning thought: what if I died? Ancient Egyptian-inspired beachwear. Enlightenment Lite: last episode of my quest for enlightenment. What I did on the day I went out to look for enlightenment (comic strip in five parts). One of those days. Naive analysis of what's wrong with Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, the East, the West, the North, the South, the Left, the Right, the Centre, You, Me, Us, Them. Self-portraits moved to new section. My Mac, my Wacom and my Modigliani. Apologies to Cezanne. Paris notes. I'm back.

June 2006
The unexpected: off to Paris, my sister ill. Me and Bacon. Me and Pablo. Me and (fake) Mondrian.Me and Rembrandt. Me and Hodgkin. Me and Vincent. Self-portraits 1 - 7. Self-Portrait competition.

May 2006
Today's monologue (minimovie of self). Why I am blogging less often. Working on God Interviews book dummy for Lulu printing. New page for minimovies.

April 2006
Did someone say this was easy? Juggling class. Blogiversary day (April 27). Happy Easter. Good day for juggling. Chris Bliss video. Good Friday for meditating. In with the Intel-igentsia. Roger Lloyd Pack reads TheWasteland. Apple Intel sorry saga. Returning. Trying to cope with Blogger. Quitting Blogger. Nobody's fool. Comic strip: Free Associating.

March 2006
Meltdown (new iMac Intel). Angry. Broken but unbowed. Holy Mac grail? Mad Mac. Something to do while you wait (Gare du Nord movie). Waiting for new Mac. Last week in Paris, flashing back.

February 2006
Notice to our fans. Off to Paris. A short break from auto-archaeology. More chapters added tothe autobiography.

January 2006
Beginning January 11, began posting chapters of The Burial of Mickey Mouse, an autobiography with pictures, prompted by a comment from Teju Cole.Talking Dreams (Rodger Kamenetz). My contribution to qarrtsiliuni (No Place Like home). Teju Cole writing about Nigeria. A Hot Story at Vitriolica's, my image contribution. The lion speaks and other small talk. A break in the clouds. A pen collection.

December 2005
For Christmas eve. Happy holy days. Praise from Billy Mernit. Serious spirituality ("I'm funny, you're spiritual"). Season's greetings (Augustine suggests a New Year's resolution God could make). Wondering if God prefers to be self-published. What is your own voice? (Teaching a workshop at boys school).Joy of Letting Women Down reviewed in Reading Matters. Pipped at the post. Love me. love me not.

November 2005
Special offer! (The Joy of Letting Women Down). Rejection and recognition. Underground movie (QuickTime). Stormy weather (QuickTime). Shadowy. Seriously considering giving up. Pounding away ("Deadline"animation). Take a deep breath (about 7000 words of my NaNovel, Clearing History (posted but removed unfinished on Nov.30). NaNo nonsense. NaNoWriMoron (I sign up for the novel writing marathon). Not known at this address. My lion is wired. I've caught my lion.

October 2005
A babe is born.Changes after inner world tour. Very long but interesting footnote to Number Fifteen. A mouse tale. Part 15: Interview with God. Blindly plunging.

September 2005
Credits. My image in qarrtsiluni. Recent Paris photos. Cass Brown's book.La Quatrième Dimension. My aunt's (Nenette) death on Sept.19. Returned. Meanwhile Gabriel: Gabriel and the World. Poet, moi? My poem The River on Tom Montag's blog. Working on No.15 interview with God .

August 2005
Believe it or not, another God interview has appeared: Part 14: Interview with God. The thirteenth interview is finished. Part 13: Interview with God. God interview number 13 is in session in the studio. We are hearing voices. Not for a small gnovelist. Gabriel and God are now here. Gabriel rises again and happiness is not an illusion. Suddenly it struck me. It's my birthday and I can deny it if I want to. Interview meme: Natalie (not Augustine's) answers. Lavender, honey and this too.

July 2005
Too little, too late.No laughing matter.Were we told the whole truth about July 7? Gare du Nord ballet (mini-movie). Altars and sacrifice. Departures. For the unsung and the unseen. Insanity rules: why?

June 2005
Is love all you need? Thinking in the shower. Have new blog, can travel. More Paris pics. And so forth. Back and forth.

May 2005
Today's news. Uncle (Robert Coffinet) dies. My cheek biopsy OK. Natalie aged nine. The house in Paraguay. Some childhood moments, uncensored. Got you under my skin. Waiting room. Whose world view? Bloggers angst and Africa in Paris. Shit happens but.....Bonjour tristesse. Home again.

April 2005
An alphabet for my blogday.God is back and needs this space, Part 12:Interview with God. No it's not all about shopping. Praise where praise is due. Order something from
Salon Nathalie at Photobox or from Augustine Shop at CafePress. No New Forest news. Enthusiasm. Edward Monkton'sThe Pig of Happiness. Augustine T-shirts and mugs. More shop-talk. April Tango mood.

March 2005
Additions to gnovel. Now open: Salon Nathalie at Photobox. Who is she? Spring has sprung and I am distracted from marching to stop war. God is back: Part 11: Interview with God. How I happened to bring home the papyrus. Moving Luxor. Blogging school now open.

February 2005
Defragmented. They're laughing at me.The Luxor travelogue is now here. Not the Grand Hotel.
Natalie complains. The Ba and me. Pic of N with bottled Barak. My kingdom for a horse, a boat and another day like this in Luxor. Hatshepsut's obelisk and self-esteem. A quote from St.Francis.

January 2005
Frozen in Karnak. Augustine's name in hieroglyphs. The Journeycontinues. Tsunami quilt contribution. Hatshepsut lives, OK? A caleche ride in Luxor. You are my sunshine, Luxor: Sunshine Project International.

December 2004
Tsunami: the unbearable fragility of being. The sphinx in Carnaby Street. Peace on earth to the family of man. Beautiful in the eyes of some beholders (winner of Edublog Award for most beautiful, best designed blog). Nominated! The case of the boots not made for walking. When they get weary, machines they do get weary.

November 2004
An elk, a whale and a Jonah. I am a Sketchcrawling cheat. Rightwing, leftwing, who's flying? This Preacher is real. Luxor ahoy. Hatshepsut and we. Mon Paris. Paris photos. Meeting a remarkable blogger (frizzy logic). Positively my last word on the election. Mourning for a lost America.

October 2004
Beauty here and sometimes there: black trio on the tube. Eyes, Lies & Illusions exhibition. And the winner is... Think of a title for the gnovel and win a prize. The Debate (Kerry/Bush). And here's God! Part 10:Interview with God. If I should disappear. Oh no no! Still waiting. While you wait.

September 2004
More from the Big Draw. The BIG DRAW, Trafalgar Square; Gerald Scarfe & me; Veronese & me. Global darkening. Ghostwriter Dem Stimson comes to town. Anxious Man in the Moon. Anima animated. Action man at the street party. Naked bloggers unite. National characteristics in a Greek restaurant. Mystery torture explained. Can you guess where this torture took place and why?

August 2004
Gnovelistic breakthrough plus an idea for New Yorkers this week. Augustine's arithmetic lesson. Life, death, moving and keeping still. My mother going and gone. Fast and random movies.Holiday snaps, fossils etc. (Lyme Regis). Part 9: Interview with God. Summer in the city.

July 2004
Funny and not funny at all. Bush campaign directs churchgoers. Part 8: Interview with God. New page for the gnovel. Welcome back Wacom. Brighton again (photos). What the eye-for-an-eye approach achieves (stick men animation). Bush's world? Cure found for the fear of never finishing what you start! The big man (Michael Moore) wins: Fahrenheit 9/11. New pages of the gnovel. Satisfaction: the Guardian's Weblog features Blaugustine and then she's dumped. I'm a top dog blog!

June 2004
Older women are from Mars, older men are not. Thinking about parents, time and mortality. Digital snaps, London and Brighton. Light blogging & slow loading. Are you searching for Nigritude Ultramarine?Part 7: Interview with God. Are we being stalked?

May 2004
Pictures behind the eyes mystery. A little help from & to friends. Addicted to blogging. No no no to Bush, Blair, Sharon etc. Israel Peace Blog. Guardian article. Jacques Brel on stupidity, me on growing lychees. Bloggers in London bar. My morning photo. Can there be training camps for goodness? Testing Yaron Livay's website. Fighting for civilization.

April 2004
How I
spent my blogday (April 27). The Bookshelf Meme. Bloggers London meeting announced. When other bloggers steal from you. Truth, lies & earth-moving. Another version of The Passion (You Know Who You Are). A trapped green thing. Don't Look Now. Part 6: Interview with God. Victorious over tech problem. Help! Lightness of being. My digital art. Digital dialogue with JamesCollins. Part 5: Interview with God.

March 2004
Slaving over the next God interview. Message to Mel Gibson: re The Passion. The threatened heart. London march against war. Am discovered by Ivy and Real Live Preacher. Part 4:Interview with God. International demonstration on anniversary of Iraq war. Part 3:Interview with God. Remembrance of things past: Common Beauty's series of letters about childhood. Photo of child self in Los Angeles. Bloggers and beer at Belgo: the Cartoonist,the Aardvark & Augustine. Meeting Deborama. Part 2:Interview with God. The first Interview with God. Astonishing exclusive interview coming soon: what to wear? Joy again:TheJoy of Letting Women Down reviewed by Cass Brown.

February 2004
Letting go of Bloggers Parliament. Photo of Natalie at 16.Augustine's True Confession reviewed by Demian Stimson. Symantec & FedEx:Buyer Beware. Photo of street at dusk. Sixth MOLTUAE: FOLDED THINGS. Fifth MOLTUAE: RANDOM THINGS. Now playing at the Seven VicesCorral:Anger. Is my present impersonal anger different from my past personal anger? A Valentine dance of joy. Cass Brown's Cancergiggles discovered. Photo of my studio. More of The Kind of Thoughts We Have. 7 Deadly Sins Series at Common Beauty: my contribution: SLOTH. Saturday afternoon photos of back garden, my worktable and sitting at computer.TIME PASSES panel from the gnovel. Digistrip: Fooling Around.

January 2004
The Joy of Letting Women Down by Natalie reviewed by Nick Barrett at taliesin's log. Gratitude, apples and pears. Six more thoughts added to the list. THOUGHTS- The Kinds We Have. Fourth MOLTUAE:PROBLEMS&SOLUTIONS. Bloggers Parliament replies to Questionnaire. Third MOLTUAE: NUMBERS. Demian's Doodle Blog: Adverticements. Digital camera Christmas present. Pat Side's Obituary in N.Y.Times. Pat is gone; poem for Pat.

December 2003
Last post of 2003. Paul McCartney singing in Red Square, Moscow. Why isn't it all as simple? To end the year, image of angel etched by Natalie. Seasonal greetings. Why Web Usage statisticss are useless.Trying and failing to get feedster installed. Second MOLTUAE :TIME. Philip Pullman and Art Spiegelman in conversation at the ICA. Saddam captured: Demian Stimson's post. Not a New Year's resolution: first MOLTUAE (meaning of life the universe and everything) Subject:LIGHT. Quoting"Light, Matter & the Zero Point Field", Bernard Haisch. New colour version of gnovel, some panels posted. US Govt. visits Blaugustine. Advent Calendar by Heather at SoulFood Cafe.The Scribblers features gnovel as link of the month. Italian comics website publishes interview with Natalie.

November 2003
Quiz for Bloggers Wondering What to Blog About. Quote from John Dear "Soldiers At My front Door". The Madrigirls. Photo of swan on pond at Parliament Hill. Doc Searls quotes from Baghdad Burning."Protesters? What protesters?" asks Laura Bush. Eyewitness report of anti-Bush march on Nov.20. Another world is possible. Fury at incompetence of broadband installation. Chuffed at being mentioned by Doc Searls and other A-listers. Bloggers Parliament attracting more attention. How To Foil 419 Fraudsters and Save the World at the Same Time.Defeating spam by using their spam to mock them: Let's Laugh Spam Off the Net. Nagging one's self to go to the gym. Everything must change. Pitching my gnovel at the Comics Festival. New members and new mentions of Bloggers Parliament.

October 2003
Our Collection of Solutions begins. Tony Blair and thePanache Effect. The Bloggers Parliament is taking off. Robin Good interviews Natalie and joins BP. Review of Winged Migration. Halloween message about the cult of horror. Augustine&Natalie discuss specifics VS generalities. I am paranopic: there are two of me. Homage to Sacha d'Arbeloff, my father. We attract mockery at BlogCritics about Bloggers Parliament. Here's picture of us both. What is Bloggers Parliament visualised as two haystacks.

September 2003
Visiting Marx in Highgate Cemetery. Augustine's Power-Identifying Quiz. Problems with money. Thanks to bloggers who mentioned Blaugustine. For A Song Natalie's book of poems & etchings. Rumsfeld's press conference interrupted. "Love your enemies" quote from William James. The Arms 'Fair' in London: do they understand rational? Augustine runs for World President but declines the job: announces her Manifesto. Checking the stats: visits from U.S.Govt. and the Military! Bloggers Parliament plan begins to take shape. Little movie of penguins (movie has been deleted but the link is there). Bloggers Parliament outline appears on Open Source Politics. Another instalment of the gnovel. New improved outline of BP on new page. Aron Trauring's 'Modest Proposal'. David Blaine is in his box: why? Trouble with internet connection.

August 2003
The Augustine Interview 5: Tony Again-Tony gets therapy.Open Source Politics venture announced. Vanity, vanity, the joy of stats.
'American Splendor', Harvey Pekar, review. New Augustine page in SoulFood Cafe. Italian comics website interviews Natalie. Must take a stand. New pages added to gnovel. R.I.P. David Kelly:"How's your conscience Tony?" New archive for N's writings. Persons as place:The Country Within workshop. Augustine's Blog Archive created. 2 years since mother, Blanche, died August 19th, Sacha's letter to her:Tu est la fleur eternelle. America's blackout bigger headlines than Iraq's ongoing power cuts. This won't do, Augustine, might have to terminate you. Too hot to write. Royal Academy Magazine, Sarah Dunant on Leonardo. I qualify as Renaissance cartoon person. Augustine' Lecture on Inertia and Identity.Techie problem.26 Things Photos (later deleted). Dick Jone's blog. Rob Paterson on Identity. Augustine Kicks the Habit of Inertia balsa wood mobile.

July 2003
Ancient Egypt. Ireland. Craving attention.Linkimproems. Blanche's art at 94. Angry about the war. Tony Blair's shadows. Rob's dog blog. Verbal versus visual. An onion. My graphic novel begins to take shape. Seven Steps of Creation.

June 2003
Planning a graphic novel on the nature of reality. This blog belongs to me. Being blogged. Photos in Paris market. Escape from the basket. N keeps me in the slow lane. Boaconstrictor/egoconstrictor. Set us free.The Augustine Interview 4: Saddam, Part Two. Back from Paris, should've taken the train.

April 27 (this blog began) - May 2003
The Augustine Interview 4: Saddam Part One.Are counters necessary? Compromise and regrets, je ne regrette rien. Decide to interview Saddam. KLAATU BARADA NICTO! Who needs choice of browsers? Obeying blogging rules. Hilarious children's version of Bible. Danger of infantile anti-Americanism. Good/Bad. How to achieve world peace in seven easy steps. Arguing with N, worse than marital warfare.The Augustine Interview 3: Tony Blair. Worried about Dubya's head. Eat salmon, stay young. Is modesty necessary in Blogworld? Dubya and Tony agree to let me ask them about God. The Augustine Interview 2: Dubya. N says I haven't got hang of blogging. Synchronicity/coincidence, Moebius strip. How low can you scroll? Me and N in the atelier. The Augustine Interview 1: Vincent. Rejected by Van Gogh. Pay attention to me you bastards! - that was then, now instant blogging fame. Better to be nearly famous. Not easy being me, I'm a two-dimensional cartoon. That was the end of Time. My name is Augustine and this is my first blog. I am Natalie's alter egoist. I'm the ventriloquist and she's the dummy.