I have two cartoon offspring: Augustine and Gabriel. Augustine's paper life began in 1984 but since she is my alter ego (see Blaugustine) she's been with me forever. From 1984 to 1988 I produced, published and distributed, mostly by mail-order, a series of ten mini-comics, A6 size booklets titled: Small Packages: The Augustine Adventures. The originals were black line only but I've since coloured some of them. The complete Augustine and Inertia is here . I hope to publish the rest of the series . The covers are shown below and reviews of Small Packages are on this page .

Other Augustine comic strips were published in RESURGENCE magazine. Single cartoons were published in the book Making Ways (Artic Producers), in CRAFTS magazine and other publications.

A few of the Gabriel Books are posted here. Other strips posted on Blaugustine are here .

Augustine's interviews celebrities ( Van Gogh, GW Bush, Tony Blair, Saddam) are here.

Augustine's major scoop, interviewing God, was posted as a comic strip series from 2004 on Blaugustine and has now been published as a book (January 2007)

The God Interviews is for sale on Amazon UK

or from: endapress AT blueyonder DOT co DOT uk

Below: covers of Nos. 1-10 Small Packages: The Augustine Adventures 1984 -1988 (the originals were black line on coloured paper )

Augustine escapes
Augustine finds...
Augustine seen
Augustine & inertia
Augustine private & public
Augustine not in love
Augustine & identity
Augustine & time
Augustine & money
Augustine angry

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