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National Art Library of Victoria & Albert Museum  Artists books in the collection, incl. NdA in V&A Catalogue

Library of Congress   NdA books in the collection.

British Library Web Archive   NdA's website archived by the British Library.

Mary Stott competition, The Guardian, 2007   NdA was one of two first prizewinners, to be Guardian Women editor for a week in 2008.

Where are all the older female geeks?       Article by NdA for The Guardian, 13 June 2008 (same article also published in The Lady magazine).

Age shall not wither her   Article commissioned & annotated  by NdA for The Guardian, 18 June 2008    

ZyArts  Artist-photographer Gandha Key's venture. People from all over the world (including NdA) visually answered her question: what makes us feel at home?

Qarrtsiluni   NdA's entries for this online magazine.  

Moving Poems  A noisy alphabet.  

Portraits by NdA (Augustine) in Julia Kay's Portrait Party

NdA videos on VIMEO

NdA videos on YouTube


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