1980.  Edition of 50
A play by Simon Meyerson, illustrated by Natalie d'Arbeloff. The play was  first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1976 then in Stratford-upon-Avon at the Macbeth Room of the Shakespeare Hotel in 1977.

Each copy includes a cassette tape recording of the play with Charles Turner reading the role of Fungus, ageing Shakespearian super-star, and Jack LeWhite as Curmudgeonly, his understudy. Reading directed by NdA. Sound effects on synthesizer by Steve Baker. The text is written in red and black calligraphy by Sally Johnson and litho-printed, except for the original on vellum, commissioned by Colin Franklin. The special copy for Colin Franklin (Fig.1) includes all preparatory material plus extra prints, housed in a wooden box with cold-cast bronze relief by Derek Norman on the lid.

Copies I-X : six loose  etchings are held in the centre 'stage' compartment of a cloth-covered wooden box designed by NdA which also houses the book and cassette. The book (30.5 x 12cm), cloth-bound with fabric and endpapers printed by NdA, consists of 40 pages printed both sides, with 7 collagraphs bound in (Fig.2).

Copies 1-10: set aside for binding by Designer Bookbinders, including Philip Smith, Jeff Clements, Trevor Jones, Sally Lou Smith and Jen Lindsay.

Copies 11-35: the book, as above, in maroon cloth-covered double slipcase incorporating the cassette (Fig.3)

Public Collections

Margaret Clapp Library, Wellesley College, Massachusetts
Bridwell Library, Dallas, Texas
Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Kohler Library, Madison, Wisconsin
National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum, The Hague
The British Library, London



Fungus, special copy for Colin Franklin
Fig. 1  Special copy commissioned by Colin Franklin, Oxford

Fungus & Curmudgeonly, triptych box

Fig.2    Copies numbered I-X
Fungus & Curmudgeonly, copies 11-35

Fig.3   Copies numbered 11-35