I went to the Institute Allende in San Miguel de Allende to study mural painting. I was interested in the great Mexican muralists but mainly influenced by early Italian frescoes and ancient Egypt.

Fresco study, San Miguel
bas-relief, Instituto Allende
Fresco study, Instituto Allende
La Despedida - Carved plaster bas-relief, Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Later, when I lived in Paraguay, I won a competition to design and execute a mural for a new hotel in Asuncion.
Cement mural, Hotel Guarani
NdA mural, Hotel Guarani
NdA mural at Hotel Guarani
Coloured cement relief, Hotel Guarani, Asuncion
Making the hotel mural
Hotel Guarani, Asuncion, Paraguay
Resting after casting, colouring and assembling cement blocks. The cat wasn't involved.
Hotel Guarani, Asuncion, Paraguay
Melamed mural, Asuncion

Mural in the house of Zivota and Bianca Melamed, Asuncion, Paraguay. The Melameds, a Yugoslav couple, were friends and art collectors. They commissioned me to paint a mural in their dining room depicting their travels.

Murals didn't appear again in my art career until I lived in London and was invited to join the Camden Mural Team in the 1980s. We were a small group of artists employed by Camden, working in community spaces at various locations in the borough. Although some projects were collective, we also worked independently. None of my murals of that period have survived. The outdoor Godwin Court mural was first defaced by graffitti then eliminated.
Godwin Court, Mornington Crescent, Camden, 1983
Godwin Court, Health Clinic mural, NdA
Part of mural outside Mother & Baby Health Clinic at Godwin Court, Mornington Crescent, Camden, NdA 1982-83
Godwin Court, detail 3
Godwin Court, detail 2
Below:  the Hampden Community Centre mural, 50' x 12', was the largest I ever undertook. I worked on it for over a year, combining portraits of the pensioners, teenagers and staff who used the centre with images of the neighbourhood near King's Cross. Unfortunately, nothing remains of it besides photographs and memories. The mural was painted out in 1994 without notifying me.
Hampden, early stages
Hampden, drawing the mural
hampden mural detail
Hampden mural detail 2
hampden mural detail, teenagers
Inauguration, Hampden mural
Hampden mural, finished
NdA and Hampden Community Centre users

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